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Volterra is a city of art, it is unique for a great profusion of testimonials about its 3000 years of history. Its medieval urban composition appears completely preserved within its walls, towers, palaces and buildings from 13th and 14th century, churches, monasteries and the beautiful square dei Priori and del Duomo. In Volterra you will find intact Etruscan city entranceways like Porta all'Arco and Porta Diana, part of the walls and archeological ruins of Roman period such as the theatre and the colommed-baths; from the Renaissance the imposing Medici fortress and elegant palaces such as Palazzo Viti (can be toured). Several interesting Museums: the world class Etruscan Museum and the Pinacoteca (picture gallery), the Alabaster Museum and the Sacred Art Museum. Volterra offers many culture and folk exhibitions (VolterraTeatro and VolterraJazz, a whole medieval week) and gastronomic events (VolterraGusto).

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